Sunday, December 7, 2008

Teenagers' self esteem is too high

A new study has found that teenagers have way too much self esteem.

In short, teenagers think they're great.

Researchers believe that the decades of efforts to boost self-esteem may have created unrealistic expectations in today's youth, and their inflated self-esteem may lead to a sense of entitlement: "I'm great, so I deserve great things."

Despite the popular beliefs, the vast majority of teens are quite satisfied with their bodies, appearance, intelligence, and capabilities. Efforts to instill self-esteem may have done their job too well.

Who'd of thought, teenagers having a sense of entitlement, feeling like the world should revolve around them. I'm sure you're as shocked as I am about that as I've never met a self centered teenager with a huge sense of entitlement who thinks that the world revolves around them.


Lucy said...

Not shocked at all. I am blessed with two of them. Actually, one just turned 20. I think the problem is we don't 'knock' them down off their 'high horse' anymore like back in the day. Now, this sense of entitlement is following them into their first jobs and they are having a lot of trouble with climbing the ladder and handling reviews from their boss. See, a boss is not a teacher. Teachers sugar coat, a boss puts it on the line. I use to teach I know how the teachers now have to 'tread' lightly or mom and dad claims you are hurting their child's self esteem. Unfortunately, sugar coating can do damage too.

Jenni said...

As a supervisor, I have to agree with Lucy. There is a significant difference between my 40+ employees and my 35- employees. There are times when I have had an employee quit because we hired a new employee with the right amount of education and experience rather than wait 4 months while she finished her classes then an additional 6 months while she waited for her permit to come through.

I am ashamed to say that many of these people are from "my age group", I'm so glad my parents didn't sugar coat things with me.