Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free flip flops!

A police department in the UK is providing free flip flops to drunk women paid for with taxpayer dollars so they can walk home without twisting an ankle or cutting their feet from walking barefoot.

"The flip-flops will be given to anyone whose footwear is 'uncomfortable, inappropriate or soiled'"

I suppose this is a good idea in a country where healthcare is funded with taxpayer money. Flip flops are cheaper than repairing broken ankles and cut feet.

The policemen in this town also hand out free condoms and rape alarms and they make men who urinate clean up their mess with a mop and a bucket. Instead of fighting crime, these police officers try to make the drunk safer.

More bacon and chocolate news

Selfridges a retailer in England has sold out of it's popular bacon chocolate bar in 48 hours! This chocolate bar which sold for £5.99 ($9.21 USD) for a 3oz bar.

People are really obsessed with chocolate bacon aren't they?

Now if you live in the US you will have no problem finding a chocolate bacon bar on the internet from a retailer such as this one. But please don't.

Do not encourage the makers of these products. What is next? Chocolate covered sausage? Chocolate covered green beans?

Curly and daisy have requested that a retailer create peanutbutter bacon because a those are their two favorite foods. I've told them that even if they make peanutbutter bacon they would not be able to have any because they are on a diet.

Poor pugs

Black Friday

I've always been a fan of sales thus making me a fan of Black Friday. I've braved electronics stores, toy stores, discount stores and the mall for Black Friday for years. I wait in early lines when the sales are good enough.

As my husband was looking through the adds he said that Wal-Mart had some good stuff. I told him that there was no way we were going to Wal-Mart for doorbusters because people get killed at Wal-Mart every year. The husband said that I was exaggerating. As proved by the news yesterday. I was not exagerating. The management at WalMart does nothing to prevent the mob scene that comes from having huge sales, lots of people, low stock and people who want to cut in line. Which creates many problems every year. The management at Best Buy however, hands out tickets to the people that have been waiting in line (and some of those nutsos get there 24 hours in advance) which lessens the crazyness because everyone knows in advance and makes sure that the sale items go to the person that's waited the longest, not the person that's the fastest or the toughest. Because even if no one gets trampled things like this should not happen.

This wouldn't of happened if WalMart ensured that it didn't happen by following Best Buy's model and handed out tickets.

Yesterday I left at 8:30 and was home by noon. There were no crowds at all when I was out and I managed to get sweaters and stickers and games and a TV from the various stores I hit. Getting everything I wanted and then some.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bacon Doughnuts

There is a diner in LA that is selling Maple Glazed doughnuts topped with real bacon.

It sounds like a treat invented by pugs.

Would you try it? Do you think you would like it?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not impressed by zookeepers in Japan

Zookeepers in Japan could not figure out why their pair of polar bears would not mate. They were highly puzzled when the male polar bear never got the hots for the female polar bear. They had him attend classes on how to hook up with girl polar bears. They told him that he should try taking out to dinner. He refused. They've been trying since June to get the polar bears to do the deed so the zoo could have little polar bears.

So they decided to do a test on the polar bear to see what was wrong. After putting the bear under they did a "gender test" and found out that the bear was really a girl.

Really, how hard is it to tell a boy bear from a girl bear? Now I'm not a zoologist, but I imagine that if I was one I'd be able to tell the sex of the animals that I was working with. If the bear has a penis it's a boy and if it has a vagina it's a girl. Pretty simple.

You know you want a pink knife

You really want this multicolored knife set that they sell at don't you? Because if you had a pink knife your husband would want to cook all the time. Kind of like if you buy a pink diaper bag your husband will be happy to carry it if it gets heavy.

The reviewers say that apparently these pink and blue and orange knives are great. One of the reviewers says "I was cutting a roll with the bread knife, and it went right through the roll and on through my finger, causing me to get four stitches at the emergency room." Another says "They are so sharp and they're super cute!" Super cute is just what I'm looking for in a knife set.

I think I'll stick with normal colored knives.

The pugs don't love Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving! The turkey is in the oven and the house smells delicious.

The turkey cavity is filled with oranges and onions and there are onions and oranges around the turkey to make the gravy extra tasty. The potatoes are peeled and ready to be boiled and mashed. We'll also have stuffing and rolls and pie. There are only three of us so we don't go too fancy.

Why you ask are the pugs sad? The pugs are sad because they get no turkey.


Poor pugs. All they want is a little turkey but they can't have any. It's sad to be a pug on a diet.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I love my roomba

I love my roomba. Charge it and turn it on before you go to bed or leave the house and it picks up all the dog hair and dirt while you are away. That's if it doesn't trap itself in the bathroom (thus making the bathroom floor free of dirt as it's been swept for hours).

My dogs avoid roomba, hanging out on the stairs or the couch when it's running.

This cat however, seems to think that the roomba is his own personal carnival ride.

Looks like fun!

Apparently Roomba has a new upgrade program so you can upgrade your old Roomba and get a new fancy Roomba.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In other pig related news

A man in Scotland was given 3 months prison time because he would not stop singing Homer Simpson's spider pig song to police.

Never a good idea to harass the police. Enjoy prison dude.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

They make chocolate covered bacon.

Yes, chocolate covered bacon.

Now I love chocolate.

And I love bacon

But these two things should not be mixed.

Unless you're a dog-boy
draft_lens1687633module5968182photo.jpg picture by operasara

Please say no to chocolate covered bacon!

I thought they were going to fly south

My daughter goes to pre-school at the YMCA which is next to a river. There are many geese and ducks that like to hang out at the river next to the YMCA. My daughter likes to chase them in the spring when it's nice outside.

I was under the impression however, that geese and ducks fly south for the winter because it gets very very very cold in MI. So cold that the ponds freeze.

The geese are not flying south though. They're still there hanging out in the park and by the river and in the parking lot.

Are they going to fly south? If not what will they do when all the small bodies of water freeze and what will they eat?


Cupcakes are delicious. I do not understand why cupcakes are so much better than cake though. Is it the frosting to cake ratio? The portability? The portion control?