Saturday, November 29, 2008

More bacon and chocolate news

Selfridges a retailer in England has sold out of it's popular bacon chocolate bar in 48 hours! This chocolate bar which sold for £5.99 ($9.21 USD) for a 3oz bar.

People are really obsessed with chocolate bacon aren't they?

Now if you live in the US you will have no problem finding a chocolate bacon bar on the internet from a retailer such as this one. But please don't.

Do not encourage the makers of these products. What is next? Chocolate covered sausage? Chocolate covered green beans?

Curly and daisy have requested that a retailer create peanutbutter bacon because a those are their two favorite foods. I've told them that even if they make peanutbutter bacon they would not be able to have any because they are on a diet.

Poor pugs

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