Saturday, March 7, 2009

Man arrested for trying to get a hug from a cop

A man in Michigan was arrested after he cursed at a police officer who refused to give him a hug.

Police were called because of reports that a man was yelling and carrying on in the street, when officers approached them he agreed to return to his home.

But he then approached a patrol car and yelled at an officer, asking for a hug and swearing at him when the officer refused, while still blocking traffic.

The man was arrested and detained. He refused a Breathalyzer test and may face disorderly conduct charges.

Aw, he just wanted a hug.

Boy makes eleven thousand dollars on happy meal toys

A British boy recently made a killing when he sold his happy meal collection.

Luke Underwood, 11, had his 5,000-piece collection of posters, Happy Meal boxes, toys, and promotional displays auctioned Wednesday night, selling for 8,130 pounds ($11,500), which includes a 15 percent buyer's premium.

Luke, who is from South Clifton, Nottinghamshire, 140 miles (220 kilometers) north of London, said Thursday it was tough to put the collection under the hammer.

"It was sad to see it go," he said on a telephone interview on his way home from school. "We just needed the room. It was on the landing. It was everywhere."

Unique Auctions' owner Terry Woodcock said he had no idea the memorabilia would sell.

"I didn't think people would be interested in McDonald's toys. I've never been so wrong about an auction in 20 years," he said.

Woodcock said that people from around the world — including the U.S., Germany and Australia — bought pieces of the collection. One man paid 300 pounds ($420) for a 101 Dalmatians toy to finish his own collection.

Wow, that's a lot of money for badly made plastic toys.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Octupus squeezes into little box

An Octopus at the New England Aquarium surprised keepers when it climbed into a small box to try to get lunch.

Aquarium workers often place food inside locked boxes for the intelligent animals to crack open. It's what the aquarium calls an "enrichment activity," but it didn't go as planned Thursday.

In this case, crabs were locked in a smaller box inside the bigger box, which is 14 inches per side. The impatient Truman bypassed the locks and squeezed his body through a 2-inch hole in the exterior box.

He spent about 30 minutes inside before slithering out, delighting staff and guests who witnessed the spectacle.

He never did get the smaller box open.

Poor guy went through all that work and never got lunch.

Mom bakes pot brownies for her five year old

A Mother in California will have to attend parenting classes after she fed her daughter a brownie laced with pot.

Butte County Superior Court Judge Robert Glusman issued the probation order Wednesday after 32-year-old Madeline McChesney of Chico, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge. The case had previously resulted in a hung jury.

The single mother claimed the brownie belonged to her roommates, who had baked the batch for medical purposes. She said she didn't realize the brownie contained pot.

Staff members at the girl's school said she reported feeling sick and was taken to a hospital, where traces of marijuana were detected in her system.

Yeah she didn't know. . . . . I bet it was nice to have her five year old mellow out.

Man designs real Barbie dream house

A California designer has decorated a house to resemble Barbies house.

Adler, who was commissioned by toy maker Mattel Inc. to decorate the house for Monday's party, said outfitting the sleek mansion (a property that's frequently rented for film and photography shoots) took six months of planning and a few weeks to install.

"Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't exist as a person," Adler said. "She exists as fantasy and is the perfect client because she's always happy and fun and loves everything. I thought to myself, 'How would Barbie live?' What I thought was Barbie would have a house that is glamorous, kittenish, chic, colorful and happy — as well as functional."

Adler lined Barbie's bedroom with wall-to-wall pink carpeting emblazoned with her initial. The closet is filled with 50 pairs of pink peep-toe heels while her kitchen is stocked with cupcake-making ingredients. An in-house museum features 25 vintage Barbie dolls on display. In the garage? A pink Volkswagen New Beetle with a motorized pop-up vanity in the trunk.

"I think this really is Barbie's Malibu Dream House because the setting is so incredibly dreamy and ethereal," Adler said. "We're perched on a cliff in Malibu overlooking the ocean. It's a fantasyland for anyone. It was difficult to find the house to celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday because it had to be the ultimate Malibu house, and I think we found it."

Decorating Barbie's real-world dream home, which will be the site Monday of a star-studded soiree celebrating the doll's birthday, was a dream for Adler, the potter and decorator who has served as head judge on Bravo's "Top Design." He said Mattel gave him access to the company's archives, including a look at all of Barbie's various dream homes over the years.

Following the festivities, most of Barbie's custom decor will be shipped to the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas to furnish a special pink-tinted Barbie Suite that will be available for bachelorette parties, birthdays or anyone who wants to live like Barbie. Other items will be available from the "Jonathan Adler Loves Barbie" collection launching in September.

See, I find that disturbing. This isn't a nice cute story, it's a horrifying story.

Think that the mansion comes with Ken?

Police search for dancing truck driver

European police are searching for a video of a dancing truckdriver that was posted on youtube.

As he cranks up the volume on a folk song, the trucker starts thrashing around the cab, waving both hands with barely a glance at the road ahead.

Then he unfastens his seat belt so he can gyrate around the driver's seat, before moving over to the passenger footwell to dance away from the control pedals and steering wheel.

At one point, he even steers with his feet, showing off for the camera as he drives terrifying close to other trucks and cars.

He says: "I was just bored, this wasn't anything special. We all do this - we sing, while we're driving."

Copies of the tape are now being viewed by traffic poilce officers throughout Europe as they try to track down the driver.

He claims the performance was shot by his brother as they drove from Holland to Belgium. Others believe the dance might have been recorded in France.

You can watch the video here. Sounds very entertaining, and scary.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tattoo barbie makes parents cry

Parents in California are very upset that Mattel is selling tattoo barbie.

The Barbie comes with a set of tattoo stickers that can be placed anywhere on her body and a tattoo gun that allows children to stamp temporary tattoos on the doll's clothes and on themselves, KVOR-TV, Sacramento, reported Thursday.

"I think it's attracting kids too young that want to expose parts of body to show off tattoos," Sacramento-area parent Jen Alcayaga said.

Some parents said they find the doll relatively harmless.

See, when there are toys that I don't like I don't buy them. Who'd of thought that parents could take control and say no.

Besides, temporarry tatoos aren't exactly new or controversial. They give them out at churches, to pre-schoolers, kids put them on their hands. . .

College student creates alchohol flavored popcorn

A college student in Missouri has developed alcohol flavored popcorn.

Cary Silverman, a business management major at the school, said he was inspired to create Pub Corn after seeing teenagers sneaking alcohol into movie theaters, KCTV, Kansas City, Mo., reported Wednesday.

"I soaked the kernels in whiskey," Silverman said, describing his early attempts to creating the snack. "That didn't work. I tried injecting it with a syringe. I poked my finger a lot, but it didn't work."

Silverman said he eventually developed a process to coat the popcorn with non-alcoholic flavorings that emulate the taste of beer, pina colada and Irish Cream.

"I will tell you a secret. We're testing tequila," he said.

He said truck drivers and pregnant women are his most common customers, as they can't drink alcohol often but crave the taste.

I wonder if he's a frat boy. This sounds like a fraternity thing. Not sure how the product would taste, it sounds strange.

If you would like to try it you can purchase it here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lawmaker wants to ban pretty dolls

A lawmaker in West Virginia has introduced a bill to ban dolls that could make girls want to be pretty.

Democrat Jeff Eldridge of the House of Delegates says Barbie dolls and others like her encourage girls to place too much value on physical appearance, The Charleston Gazette reported Wednesday.

Eldridge says children need to know "beauty from the inside" is just as important as outer beauty.

His bill, introduced Tuesday, would make it illegal to sell Barbie dolls "and other similar dolls that promote or influence girls to place undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development."

Of all the toys that are harmful for girls he chooses dolls? I'm not a fan of Barbie myself, but compared to violent video games and other toys that encourage violence Barbie is harmless. I think that someone just wanted the national attention and outrage so that his constituents know he's working.

Man attacked by cobra while driving

A South African man remained shockingly calm after a snake came into his car and wrapped around his leg while he was driving.

Gordon Parratt, 69, of Pretoria, said the dangerous Mozambique spitting cobra got inside his car last week at the Biyamiti rest camp in South Africa's Kruger National Park, and several miles after driving off, he felt something like an insect brush against his leg, Beeld, a South African newspaper, reported Wednesday.

"Fortunately I'm not the panicky type," Parratt said. "My wife immediately put her feet up on the dashboard."

The couple stopped at a reptile park in Hazyview, but couldn't find the snake. Instead of leaving the car, however, Parratt wanted to keep driving, and soon found the snake wrapped around his left leg up to the knee amidst heavy traffic and a hard rain, the newspaper said.

Ok, so a poisonous snake gets into your car and you KEEP DRIVING even though it's still in the car? That's insane!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Woman calls 911 because there are no McNuggets

A woman in Florida was cited after calling 911 three times after being told by her local McDonalds that there were no more nuggets.

A police report said 27-year-old Fort Pierce resident Latreasa L. Goodman told authorities she paid for a 10-piece last week but was later informed the restaurant had run out.

She says she was refused a refund and told all sales were final. A cashier told police she offered Goodman a larger portion of different food for the same price, but Goodman became irate.

Police say Goodman was cited on a misuse of 911 charge. A current phone listing for Goodman couldn't be found.

I understand that the situation was upsetting. But it's not an emergency. Perhaps she should be required to take a class on emergencies vs non-emergencies. Emergency = Robber in your house. Non-Emergency = there is no strawberry yogurt at WalMart.

Fisherman looses cell phone, finds it a week later inside a fish

A fisherman in the UK that lost his cell phone and it was found found a week later inside a cod and it still worked!

Andrew, 45, said: “I was messing about with my dog and my phone must have fallen out and been swept out in the swell.

“I kept calling it but I gave up hope after a couple of days.”

He was shopping for a new phone with girlfriend Rita Smith, 33, when her mobile went off.

She told him: “Your old mobile number is calling my phone.”

Andrew continued: “She said some guy was going on about my phone and a cod so she handed it over to me and he told me where he had found it.

“I thought he was winding me up but he assured me he had caught a cod that morning and was gutting it for his fish stall and that my Nokia was inside it — a bit worse for wear.

“I didn’t believe him but went to meet him and found it was my phone — a bit smelly and battered — but incredibly it still worked after I let it dry out.”

Trawlerman Glen, 45, had tried to use the phone but it didn’t work. So he took out the SIM card and put it in his handset to try to trace the owner.

Wow! That's one hungry fish and one lucky fisherman.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jim and Tammy Faye for sale

A banker is auctioning off 15,000 episodes of Jim and Fammy Faye Bakers' PTL club show.

"The PTL Club," which aired from 1974 to 1987, featured Jim Bakker offering upbeat sermons from a couch and Tammy Faye, wearing her trademark heavy mascara, singing about Jesus. Most episodes were taped at their empire — which included a hotel, campground and theme park — just south of Charlotte.

PTL, which stood for "Praise The Lord," came crashing down in 1987 when Jim Bakker went to prison for fraud after a sex scandal. The couple divorced and Tammy Faye remarried and changed her last name to Messner. She died in 2007 from colon cancer.

The 15,069 hourlong tapes went to a Charlotte church, then a cable content provider, said Ben Dyer, president of Gospel Properties.

The cable provider defaulted on a loan from Dyer's company and he got the tapes, which he plans to auction in San Francisco on March 27.

The tapes are worth around 8 MILLION dollars. Yes, 8 MILLION dollars.

Not sure if they're including a sample of Tammy Faye's mascara with the tapes.

Hurry Hurry!

It's the last day to vote for the least useful scientific discovery.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Passenger claims to be air marshal to catch plane

A man that was late for his flight in Miami used a fake air marshal badge to try to get his flight.

Miami-Dade police said a 49-year-old man was booked on a flight to Los Angeles Wednesday night, but the gate had already closed and the plane was departing.

After he showed the fake badge and claimed to be an air marshal, employees stopped the plane and let him board.

But real air marshals already on the plane recognized his fake badge and kicked him off.

Not content with avoiding arrest, police said the man went to an airport bar and began loudly complaining about missing his flight. That's when airport police arrested him.

He was arrested for impersonating an officer. I think he should also be charged with being an idiot.

Rabbis say joking teens are married

A pair of teenagers that had a mock wedding service on the playground have been declared married by a Rabbinical court in Israel.

It all began as a lark, in a schoolyard where a 17-year-old boy recently declared the girl his wife, reciting a Jewish ritual vow in front of witnesses, and she accepted his ring.

That, and what a spokeswoman for Israel's Rabbinical Courts said was the consummation of their marriage, was enough to make them man and wife in the Jewish state.

Spokeswoman Efrat Orbach, describing the girl as the youngest Jewish divorcee in Israel's modern history, said the couple was granted a rabbinical divorce this week.

Sounds like Israeli marriage law has no common sense. Poor girl, divorced at 14.