Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink Elephants on Parade!

A pink elephant has been spotted in Botswana!

A wildlife cameraman took pictures of the calf when he spotted it among a herd of about 80 elephants in the Okavango Delta.

Experts believe it is probably an albino, which is an extremely rare phenomenon in African elephants.

They are unsure of its chances of long-term survival - the blazing African sunlight may cause blindness and skin problems for the calf.

Mike Holding, who spotted the baby while filming for a BBC wildlife programme, said: "We only saw it for a couple of minutes as the herd crossed the river.

He's cute. Makes me think of Dumbo.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Naked boy scares woman and poodle

A woman in Michigan was startled when she was accosted by a naked teenager while walking her poodle.

Lt. Craig Mast of the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office said a 14-year-old youth walked away from a youth behavioral treatment facility Monday morning, stripped down, and was with a “giant” white poodle when he approached a woman working in her yard just after 11:30 a.m. Monday in the area of Oceana Drive and Lake Road.

“The young naked man approached her with this poodle, and she immediately realized something peculiar,” Mast said.

When the woman asked the boy if he was all right, he told her some statements that didn’t make much sense, Mast said. The boy said his mother had kicked him out of her home in the Saginaw area.

When the woman, 53, of Hart Township, got out her cell phone to call for help for the boy, he assaulted her, pushing her in the upper chest, and took her phone. He fled the scene and broke the phone in half, the sheriff’s office stated.

The woman went to a neighbor’s house and called 911.

Deputies responded to the victim and shortly afterwards they located the boy near Oceana Drive and Lake Road in Hart Township near the American Legion Hall.

My favorite part of this story is when she realized something was odd after being approached by a naked teenager. Really?

I hope the poodle is ok.

Worlds deadliest spider found in Tulsa grocery store

An employee of Whole Foods in Tulsa, Oklahoma found a very deadly spider in the bananas.

The spider was given to University of Tulsa Animal Facilities director Terry Childs who said this type of spider kills more people than any other.

Childs said a bite will kill a person in about 25 minutes and while there is an antidote he doesn't know of any in the Tulsa area.

Spiders often are found in imported produce, and a manager at Whole Foods says the store regularly checks its goods and that's how the spider was found.

I'm glad that worker didn't get bitten. I bet he felt lucky after he found out what kind they were.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teen racks up 12,000 phone bill!

An Australian teenager has racked up a cell phone bill higher than the annual wages of some adults.

A spokesman for the Telstra telecommunications company said the unidentified teen enjoyed 384 Internet sessions at a total cost of $10,686, while also amassing other charges through 373 calls and more than 500 text messages, the Melbourne Herald Sun said in its Friday edition.

Julie Wentworth, an Anglicare financial counselor, called the teen's phone bill "ridiculous" and called for enhanced bill monitoring of users' accounts.

"We are dealing with a generation who feel they can't get by without a mobile phone," Wentworth said.

"Some don't have enough self-control, but it was ridiculous the bill got to that point."

Wentworth told the Herald Sun the teen somehow managed to convince Telstra staff to revive his phone account after being disconnected when his bill reached $2,000.

I think this kid needs a mother that supervises him. Who lets their kid do that? Take the phone away!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The dog ate my pay!

A woman in North Carolina was upset when she realized that her dog ate $400!

Kelley Davis said she had an extra $400 in cash to deposit after working extra hours as a physical therapist. She told the News & Observer of Raleigh that on Friday she planned to deposit the money, but it wasn't in her pocket.

She remembered leaving it in the bedroom and it occurred to her that the family's 2-year-old greater Swiss mountain dog, Augie, might have eaten it.

Davis, 42, said when she took Augie for a walk Saturday, she found parts of three $100 bills and five $20s in his leavings. She washed them with a garden hose and hopes to find enough pieces to exchange them for cash.

EEW! Poor woman.

California town hires company to spray paint lawn

A California town has hired a company to spray paint the lawns of foreclosed houses.

Perris spokesman Joe Vargo said contractor Dave Milligan uses an environmentally friendly dye that lasts up to six months and is harmless to people and pets. The city hopes the foreclosed properties are purchased and occupied before the lawn needs a touchup.

It costs about $550 to spray-paint a lawn. The city, some 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has set aside $2 million in an effort to stabilize foreclosure-fraught neighborhoods.

Sounds tacky. At least it's not astroturf.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

British duck thinks it's a dog

A British couple says that the duck that they adopted has been imitating the dogs that it lives with amusing the entire town.

Steph and Tony Tufft from the Charminster area of Bournemouth, England, said they adopted Essy the duck when she was only 8 weeks old and the waterfowl chose the couple's two dogs as role models, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

"We are known throughout Charminster. People come out of bars to see her. They love it," Tony Tufft said. "She doesn't know she's a duck. She must think she's a dog. She goes up to other dogs. People can't understand it and the dogs are really confused as well."

"We even had to buy Essy her own lead, after getting strange looks from people who thought we were duck-napping," he said.

His wife said taking the duck for walks has become a spectator event for locals.

"It's as if Brad Pitt was walking on the lead, the amount of people that come out," she said.

I think that the duck should get it's own reality show. Perhaps judging dog competitions.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Woman shot because her neighbor thought she was a monkey

A man in Malaysia shot his neighbor because he thought she was a monkey who was picking fruit from his tree.

Yahaya Othman, police chief in eastern Pahang state, said the woman was gathering fruit Thursday when her neighbor shot her.

The man came home and saw rustling in the tree and fired into it, Yahaya said. "Then there was screaming ... and only then did he know it was his neighbor."

Note to self, don't climb neighbors fruit trees to pick fruit without thier knowledge.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Americas Next Top Model Stampede!!

There was a stampede at the America's Next Top Model auditions!

Thousands of aspiring models queued in short skirts and high heels outside the Park Central Hotel in Manhattan over the weekend, some waiting all night for a chance to compete in the latest round of the popular TV series.

However, fighting broke out and women were knocked over in a panicked stampede after a car belching smoke reportedly pulled up near the queue on Saturday afternoon, prompting cries of "Fire!" and "There's a bomb".

As women stumbled over police barricades, witnesses told a local radio station that the mayhem was compounded after a man jumped out of a car and started grabbing purses.

After the stampede, shoes and clothing littered the street outside the hotel.

"The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two. I feared for my life," said Jennifer Brown, an aspiring model from Brooklyn.

Oh, no!! There was mascara, weaves, stilettos and weaves everywhere!! Oh the horror!

I suspect that Tyra will theme a photoshoot based on this incident in her next season and she'll pick at least one of the stampeded for her season so we can have her backstory overcoming the horror of the auditions to become FEIRCE!