Sunday, March 15, 2009

Americas Next Top Model Stampede!!

There was a stampede at the America's Next Top Model auditions!

Thousands of aspiring models queued in short skirts and high heels outside the Park Central Hotel in Manhattan over the weekend, some waiting all night for a chance to compete in the latest round of the popular TV series.

However, fighting broke out and women were knocked over in a panicked stampede after a car belching smoke reportedly pulled up near the queue on Saturday afternoon, prompting cries of "Fire!" and "There's a bomb".

As women stumbled over police barricades, witnesses told a local radio station that the mayhem was compounded after a man jumped out of a car and started grabbing purses.

After the stampede, shoes and clothing littered the street outside the hotel.

"The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two. I feared for my life," said Jennifer Brown, an aspiring model from Brooklyn.

Oh, no!! There was mascara, weaves, stilettos and weaves everywhere!! Oh the horror!

I suspect that Tyra will theme a photoshoot based on this incident in her next season and she'll pick at least one of the stampeded for her season so we can have her backstory overcoming the horror of the auditions to become FEIRCE!

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