Saturday, January 31, 2009

Man stabs his ex-girlfried to get his implants back

A man in California tried to cut out his ex-girlfriends breast implants.

San Bernardino County prosecutor David Foy said 28-year-old Thomas Lee Rowley attacked his ex in July 2006 outside her mother's home in Hesperia, some 70 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert.

Rowley is on trial in Superior Court in Victorville for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, burglary, and false imprisonment.

The 26-year-old woman survived six stab wounds and the punctured breast implants were repaired.

Rowley's former roommate Dennis McGill testified this week that the defendant wanted to reclaim what was rightfully his. Rowley allegedly told McGill, "I'm gonna cut 'em out and get 'em back."

What exactly was he going to do with those implants when he got them back?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Zoo serves mousesicles

A zoo in New Zealand will be serving its wild cats mousecicles and bloodsicles to help them beat the heat this weekend.

Zoo spokeswoman Stephanie Gray said staff members at the tourist site in the New Zealand capital will be freezing whole mice to feed to the zoo's African wild cats, The (Wellington) Dominion Post said in its Saturday edition.

Gray said in anticipation of a heat wave this weekend, zoo staff will have mousesicles on hand as well as so-called bloodsicles for the servals.

The wild cats' bloodsicles, actually diluted blood ice blocks, will be accompanied by a paddling pool and hammocks for the cats to relax and cool off in, the Post said.

New Zealand sounds nice. No snow or cold. . .

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man wants to build a great wall in Wisconsin

A man in Wisconsin wants to create a replica of the great wall of china.

Don Trent's proposed Great Wall would be a mile long, while the original wall in China stretches for some 4,000 miles. The scale model would be manned by Chinese terracotta soldier figurines.

The 70-year-old Spring Valley resident visualizes a Great Wall complex just off Interstate 94 in western Wisconsin with a 400-room hotel and an open-air theater, the Milwaukee Journal reports. He also visualizes the Beijing Opera at the grand opening.

"The dream is to build the thing," he said. "The Chinese are behind this; it's getting the Americans behind it."

So far, he has failed to find financing to buy the land and build the Great Wall. He believes it would be a winner, given the popularity of all things Chinese in the United States.

I'm so shocked that he can't get financing.

Caution: Zombies Ahead!

Hackers in Austin, Tx changed a traffic sign to say "Zombies Ahead" and "Run Zombies Run!"

Messages that typically alert Lamar Boulevard drivers to a detour for Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard splashed several warnings like “Caution! Zombies Ahead!” and “Nazi Zombies! Run!!!”

As he drove south on Lamar, traffic controller Bruce Jones saw the first sign flash the Nazi zombies message at 6 a.m. and wheeled his truck around for another look. Then he said he noticed that the second sign, directed at northbound drivers, had also been tampered with.

Jones, who has one of only two keys to the locked access panels on the portable signs, said that the hacker broke into the panels on each sign and bypassed the passwords before leaving five different zombie messages and even changing one of the passwords. Jones said he had to wait until 8 a.m. to call the manufacturing company to figure out how to override the hacker’s work. He speculated that the hacker could be a computer genius from UT.

The biggest safety hazard came from drivers slowing down or stopping their car to take pictures, Jones said.

The hacking occurred within weeks of various articles appearing online with descriptions of how to hack into these road signs — which point out that such an act is illegal.

Dennis Crabill, project manager with the Public Works Department, said the access panels are always locked and are not programmed with the default passwords these sites suggest. Short of having a watchman on duty around the clock, he said there is little more the city can do to prevent such vandalism.

“It’s a pretty childish prank,” he said.

See, I don't think that's a childish prank. I think it's an awesome prank. I hope there are copycats where I live. The signs that say "Caution, winter driving conditions exist" are not really helpful when there is obviously six inches of snow on the road. It would be better if they prepared us for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family spends $155,000 to clone their dog

A family in Florida has spent $155,000 to clone their dog.

The 10-week-old golden Labrador retriever is a clone, created in South Korea by a California biotech firm from the DNA of the first Sir Lancelot, the beloved pet of Ed and Nina Otto of Boca Raton.

The original ''Lancy'' died, at age 11, in January 2008.

A celebrity from the moment he bounded off an American Airlines flight Monday night at Miami International Airport, Lancy redux ''very quickly integrated into the menagerie and held his own,'' said Lou Hawthorne, CEO of BioArts, the firm that auctioned off five dog-cloning procedures last July.

The Ottos spent $155,000 to win the second-round auction.

''He's a spunky little critter,'' Hawthorne said. ``He was nipping and stealing things.''

By Tuesday morning, Regis and Kelly and the BBC were clamoring for the inquisitive, 17-pound bundle of energy. The Ottos say he is the first single-birth, commercially cloned puppy in the United States.

Well, I guess the recession isn't effecting everyone. . .

Robber chased off by huge spoon

A chef in Wisconsin chased away a robber with a huge aluminum spoon.

Investigators alleged Joey Geraci, 39, entered the Williams Supper Club in Waukesha at about 10 p.m. Friday and grabbed an employee by the arm as part of a demand for money, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Tuesday.

Chef Erik Minor said he spotted Geraci, wearing a black motorcycle helmet and matching leather jacket, allegedly attempting to leave with the employee and two bags of cash that had been handed over by a bartender.

"I said, 'He's not leaving with one of my employees.' So I hit him over the head with a big aluminum spoon," Minor said.

Minor said the spoon broke in half and he was able to wrestle the helmet from Geraci's head. The suspect was subdued by Minor with help from a cook, Andrew Tess, and a customer.

Who needs a gun when you have a spoon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Woman subdues cop with the taser she kept in her diaper bag

A woman in Georgia helped a police officer subdue a criminal using the taser that she kept in her diaper bag.

Tanisha Cross, 20, of Atlanta, said she was driving with her mother to a Wal-Mart in Lithonia when they spotted the police officer struggling with an attacker who had rubbed pepper spray in the officer's eyes, WBS-TV, Atlanta, reported Monday.

Cross said she retrieved the Taser stun gun her husband had given her for Christmas from her child's diaper bag.

"I went straight for my kid's diaper bag and I got it and asked it if he (officer) wanted me to do it and he said, 'Yeah,'" Cross said.

Cross said she used the stun gun on the suspect's arms and legs, giving the police officer the chance to subdue the attacker with a help of a security guard.

"He's brave," she said of the police officer. "He did his best to keep him from his gun. He handled the situation very well. I was just glad I could help him."

She keeps a taser in her diaper bag?

Man steals underwear and mannequin from Texas store

A thief in Dallas stole underwear and a mannequin from a condom store.

Investigators said the items were taken from Condoms To Go by a thief who apparently entered the store before dawn Monday by removing the front glass door, The Dallas Morning News reported Monday.

I do not want to know what he did with the mannequin.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chefs in Mexico make the worlds biggest cheesecake

Chefs in Mexico spent hours making the worlds largest strawberry cheesecake.

Chef Miguel Angel Quezada says 55 cooks spent 60 hours making the world's biggest cheesecake — a 2-ton calorie bomb topped with strawberries.

The monster cake used nearly a ton of cream cheese, the same amount of yogurt, 350 kilograms (772 pounds) of pastry, 250 kilograms (551 pounds) of sugar and 150 kilograms (331 pounds) of butter.

However, this is the only cheesecake that has competed to be the world's largest. Expect their record to be topped soon.

Man gets drunk and thinks he's a dog

It took six police officers to restrain a drunk man in Florida. The man was growling and biting like a dog.

Eric Marusak, 37, of New Port Richey was ordered held without bail for driving drunk, violently resisting an officer, battery on an officer and habitually driving with a suspended license, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Sunday.

Marusak's arrest record of previous skirmishes with police is 18 pages long, police said. Marusak was arrested Saturday after running his car into a chain-link fence on U.S. Route 19.

"I'm wrecked, dude. I got a suspended license," Marusak allegedly told the officer who witnessed the crash.

Once in the police cruiser, Marusak allegedly kicked the officer in the crotch, spit on him and tried to bite the officer twice while growling and barking like a dog, police said.

Marusak's kicking allegedly bent the cruiser door and caused more than $1,000 worth of damage to the cruiser's frame.

I think he should go to jail.