Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man wants to build a great wall in Wisconsin

A man in Wisconsin wants to create a replica of the great wall of china.

Don Trent's proposed Great Wall would be a mile long, while the original wall in China stretches for some 4,000 miles. The scale model would be manned by Chinese terracotta soldier figurines.

The 70-year-old Spring Valley resident visualizes a Great Wall complex just off Interstate 94 in western Wisconsin with a 400-room hotel and an open-air theater, the Milwaukee Journal reports. He also visualizes the Beijing Opera at the grand opening.

"The dream is to build the thing," he said. "The Chinese are behind this; it's getting the Americans behind it."

So far, he has failed to find financing to buy the land and build the Great Wall. He believes it would be a winner, given the popularity of all things Chinese in the United States.

I'm so shocked that he can't get financing.

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