Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom claims daughter got pregnant from swimming in the pool

A woman is suing a hotel after her daughter got pregnant on vacation. She says that her daughter didn't meet any boys on vacation and she must have gotten pregnant from the swimming pool.

Magdalena believes the teenager conceived from stray sperm after taking a dip in the hotel's mixed pool. She is now seeking compensation from the hotel.

A travel industry source said: "The mother is adamant that her daughter didn't meet any boys while she was there.

"She is determined to go ahead with the case."

Tourist authorities in Warsaw, Poland, have confirmed they received the bizarre complaint.

Now she's gullible. Perhaps someone should give mom a science lesson on how babies are made.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Man gets religious tatoo, runs out without paying

A Texas man had "God only can judge me" tattooed on his arm and then left without paying.

The tattoo artist said the man came in to the shop in the 200 block of West University Drive with some friends and asked for the motto along with the image of praying hands.

The artist completed the work and asked for $200, according to the report. The man handed over a credit card, but the charge was declined by the credit card company. The man waited in the front of the store for a bit with his friends, and the friends slipped away.

Then the man ran out of the store, according to the report.

Stealing a religious tattoo is such a good idea. I'm sure god loves that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Police buy the doughnut shop

Several cops in Michigan who were upset about their doughnut shop closing purchased it so they could have all the doughnuts they could eat.

It's a great idea. Cops and donuts. Everybody talks about cops and donuts," said Officer Gregory.

A group of police officers were upset because their favorite donut shop was closing, so they bought it. Nine members of Clare's finest are now in the donut business.

"[It's a] group of, you know, nine policemen in this community, we all live here. That said, we're going to ban together as a group, and we're gonna save this bakery," said Officer Gregory. "You hear, you know, the same old jokes, like you guys are gonna eat up all the profit."

The bakery has been in business for 113 years. Now it will stay open a while longer.

Not afraid to be a walking stereotype are they?