Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woman calls police over lost hamster

A woman in the UK called 999 (their version of 911) because her hamster got out of it's cage.

South Yorkshire Police released details of the call to promote the dangers of unnecessary use of the 999 service.

Requesting assistance after making contact with an operator, the woman explained: "It's my hamster. It's got out of its cage. It's gone into the bathroom and down into the floorboards."

She then added: "Is there any chance anyone could come and help me get it out?"

Other nuisance calls included a person complaining about wasps in their garden and others reporting a lack of credit on their mobile phones.

Superintendent Rob Odell confirmed that the force receives around 15,000 non-emergency calls per month.

He warned: "Every second counts in saving someone's life, preventing injury or catching a criminal. You never know when it could be you in desperate need of help and the last thing you need is to lose vital seconds or minutes because someone has called 999 to order a taxi."

Sounds like they've gotten something in common with the US where people call 911 to report that there aren't enough shrimp on their fried rice.

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