Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lawmaker wants to ban pretty dolls

A lawmaker in West Virginia has introduced a bill to ban dolls that could make girls want to be pretty.

Democrat Jeff Eldridge of the House of Delegates says Barbie dolls and others like her encourage girls to place too much value on physical appearance, The Charleston Gazette reported Wednesday.

Eldridge says children need to know "beauty from the inside" is just as important as outer beauty.

His bill, introduced Tuesday, would make it illegal to sell Barbie dolls "and other similar dolls that promote or influence girls to place undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development."

Of all the toys that are harmful for girls he chooses dolls? I'm not a fan of Barbie myself, but compared to violent video games and other toys that encourage violence Barbie is harmless. I think that someone just wanted the national attention and outrage so that his constituents know he's working.

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Monsal Varga said...

Sorry, but the man is a GENIOUS!

No doubt he knew first hand that the next Barbie in the market will be the "Lara Croft goes in a rampage" and probably (not yet authorized but still awaited for next summer) "Stop it! I will kill you!" terrorist in sexy outfit.

Are these examples to our children?