Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do not emotionally abuse your television

A man in the UK has been fined and given an anti social behavior order for yelling at his TV set while drunk.

"Mr Solomon often drinks more than is good for him.

"He will have a drink and will return home.

"Then he will put on the television and if someone on the TV says something that upsets him, he will swear at the TV.

"Drink appears to be the problem - he admits that it's his companion."

His neighbors reported to the police that their children were woken up and were disturbed by the language. The court then enrolled him in a program to help curb his anti-social behavior. Sadly it's not working.

"He has tried very hard to comply with the order.

"He had a lapse in June of this year and he did apologise to the neighbours but there's been a spate in October and November.

"When he isn't drinking and watching TV late at night, he seems to get on with his neighbours."

What's the best way to fix this problem? Ban him from drinking or ban him from watching TV late at night.

Perhaps a breathalyzer attached to his remote?

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