Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pre-chewed pencils?

A company in the UK is selling pre-chewed pencils. The company which calls itself concentrate markets their pencils as a tool to help kids concentrate. That students will not put the pencils in their mouths because they are pre-chewed.

And they say this is a cheap but effective way of encouraging youngsters to get their teeth into their lessons instead.

Concentrate specializes in products to help kids at school and identify why they get distracted or are unable to focus in class, claim the chewed end encourages them to get thinking straight away.

I don't see how a pre-chewed pencil or even a pencil that can't be chewed is really going to help a kid concentrate. Chewing on a pencil (however gross) is a behavior often used by kids when thinking or listening. More of an outlet for the excess energy than a behavior that distracts kids from their work.

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