Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poor Santa

Santa might have to get rabies shots after being bitten by a bobcat.

The PetsMart store was doing a Santa Paws photo event Sunday to benefit the Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue, when a woman walked through the store with an "odd-looking cat," Penny Angel President Joan Kerr said Tuesday. Kerr said she was busy with the dogs up for adoption and did not approach the strange feline, but someone told her it was a bobcat.

The bobcat was apparently scared of the dogs and when they got it on Santa's lap it got out of control biting Santa several times.

By time the picture was developed and a volunteer turned to hand it to the owner, the woman and the cat had disappeared, Kerr said.

"Her last words were 'I have a permit and the cat has all his vaccines,'" Kerr said.

The woman told people in the store that she had bought the cat from a breeder in Wyoming for $1,500 and had it shipped to New Jersey, Kerr said.

Poor Santa. I suspect that the bobcat will not be getting much in his stocking this year.

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