Monday, December 8, 2008

This makes her a bad mom.

A mother in Detroit was arrested because she held a a sex party at her house that included nineteen prostitutes and two sixteen year old girls one of which was her daughter.

The woman charged $15 per person for admittance to her party with extra being charged for sex. The two teen girls were found dancing nude when officers arrived.

Most of the prostitutes and johns were ticketed and released. The girl's mother was arrested, as were three men involved in operating the party, Evans said. All face charges of operating a house of illegal occupation, and the mother likely will face other charges.

Police said they confiscated three handguns and marijuana, Ecstasy pills and heroin, along with several hundred dollars in cash.

Lets hope she gets a long jail sentence. Teaching your sixteen year old daughter and her friend how to be a prostitute by hosting a drug and sex party should get you several years in jail.

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