Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plastic Surgery for the dead?

There is a new hollywood plastic surgery trend. It doesn't involve the living though and isn't done by a Doctor.

It's for the dead and done by the morticians at the funeral home.

“I’ve had people mention that they want their breasts to look perky when they’re dead,” says David Temrowski, funeral director of Temrowski & Sons Funeral Home in Warren, Mich. “Or they’ll say, ‘Can you get these wrinkles out?’ It’s all in humor, but I think people do think [more] about what they’re going to look like when they’re dead and lying in a casket.”

Still others are so concerned about how they will look dead that they are forgoing the viewing altogether. Now I've never been a fan of viewings because I think they're creepy. But to skip one because you're afraid you'll be too wrinkled or your breasts will be droopy? You're DEAD!

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