Thursday, January 15, 2009

Teenager arrested for stealing two brownies from school cafeteria

A high school student was arrested and charged with theft after stealing two brownies (value $1.00) from the school cafeteria.

Jan Richey said her son, Trey, 15, was charged with fifth-degree theft Jan. 8 after administrators at Mason City High School contacted police with the theft allegations, the Mason City Globe-Gazette reported Wednesday.

"I was very surprised," Richey said of the charges against her son. "I think they're being a little extreme. A brownie costs about a dollar. I could see a few days or a week of detention, but charging him like this ... it doesn't seem right."

The school says that they had him arrested to deter future thefts and to teach the child a lesson. Seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars to me. I can't imagine that a judge is going to give a punishment that's much different than what the school would have given.

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