Monday, January 12, 2009

Subway riders ditch their pants

Subway riders all over the country ditched their pants for a performance art piece by improv everywhere. This was the first year for the experiment to take place in Atlanta.

The rules were simple. Thirty-four participants who showed up at the Five Points MARTA station Saturday afternoon were to get on the same northbound train. In small groups, they took off their pants, rode to the next stop, got off, then got on the next, following train — still without pants.

At the Lindbergh stop, they reassembled and rode back downtown, pantless.

Briefs, boxers and panties were all welcome. No one could go commando.

“It’s especially ironic to do this when Atlanta is debating letting people wear baggy pants,” said Fredo Aponte, an industrial designer who has participated in similar “flash mob” silliness such as a pillow fight in front of the High Museum.

Few spectators got that deep. One man averted his eyes and clasped his female companion’s hand, to avoid a possible glance at the tighty whities. Most, though, just took pictures or burst into laughter.

Sounds like a lot of fun. It's got to be cool to live someplace where you can witness or participate in something like that.

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