Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boy sticks 43 snails to his face

A Utah boy has broken a world record by sticking 43 snails on his face.

Eleven-year-old Fin Keleher likes snails. So he tried to break a world record of putting the most snails on his face..

Keleher had to keep 37 snails on his face for ten seconds. His family helped put them on and then did the countdown.

It took him two tries before he was successful and when he counted them, 43 of the slimy creatures had stayed on his face.

Keleher says the snails pinched his face, but he apparently didn't mind the slimy part.

"I closed my eyes and covered up my mouth with… well, I sucked my lips in so that they could crawl on that," Keleher said.

I think you all will agree with me when I say that middle school boys are weird and gross.

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BIBI said...

I so totally agree! Hahaha ;)