Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neighbors upset by new ordinance allowing chickens

Residents of a small Iowa town are upset over their city council's new ordinance that allows the suburban residents to keep chickens.

Norwalk resident Bev Frideres said she is completely against the ordinance passed by the Norwalk City Council Thursday, saying chickens are not advisable residents for an urban area, the Des Moines (Iowa) Register said Saturday.

"I'm baffled that we're even considering chickens within city limits," Frideres said. "We're an urban area, not agricultural. We're trying to be part of the metropolitan area that is close to Des Moines. I simply do not want smelly, stinky chickens anywhere in the city area."

The new ordinance will not allow roosters to be kept in residential areas of Norwalk, likely due in part to the animal's loud crowing abilities.

I can't imagine that a couple of hens would be any more irritating than a couple of large dogs.

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