Saturday, April 25, 2009

Squirrel attacks teacher

A teacher in Michigan was attacked by a mother squirrel after she tried to help the babies she thought were in danger.

The 52-year-old Detroit Public Schools teacher was with a group of students touring the campus at about 11:30 a.m. when she spotted some baby squirrels that were outside of their nest at the Student Activities Building at the 500 block of Jefferson Street, according to the U-M's Department of Public Safety.

The teacher noticed the mother squirrel appeared to have left behind one of her babies and also noticed a crow was starting to take interest.

The teacher tried to scare the crow. When that didn't work, the woman tried to alert the mother squirrel. Instead, the mother squirrel turned on the teacher, DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said.

Brown said the woman tried to escape to a school bus, but fell to the ground and injured her ankle. The mother squirrel then attacked and either scratched or bit the teacher on her leg. The bus driver then took her to the emergency room for treatment.

That would be why they always tell you to call the experts and not to help wild animals yourself.

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