Monday, January 19, 2009

Woman locks repairman in her laundry room

A woman in England locked her repairman in her laundryroom with her washing machine because she was enraged that it had not been fixed.

"It broke early December, but they told me that I would have to wait until after Christmas," Fox said. "When the man came round on the 13th … the machine still wasn't working, and I asked when he would fix the other problems."

"He said that I'd have to pay for any repairs, even though the machine was still under warranty, and I might as well get a new one because the amount it would cost to fix it would be the same as buying another one," she said.

Fox said she used her body to brace the laundry room door shut and told the worker that she would not let him out until the appliance was fixed. The man called police and Fox said she allowed him to leave.

The washingmachine has been replaced by the company and she was not arrested.

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