Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tights for men!

I bet you did not know that men are now wearing pantyhose. According to an article in the Daily News they are all the rage.

Pantyhose for men, or "mantyhose," have been popular throughout Europe for years and now the trend - even outside the ballet barre - has crept stateside.

Deborrah Ashley, managing director of, sells 13 different lines of hosiery for men, but when her site launched in 2005, she sold just one line.

Sales have been steadily increasing, Ashley says, and the Batman craze fueled by "The Dark Knight" mid-July gave the site a spike.

"Before the movie it was repeat bulk orders ... it was almost like a secret society, and now it's brand new customers," says Ashley, whose customers like their mantyhose for warmth, support for athletics, and circulation.

Um, Ok. I can tell you with 100% certainty that my man in combat boots will never wear tights.

This website that sells them claims that they are perfect for playing sports.

This is NOT your mother’s panty hose! ACTIVSKIN tights for men and pantyhose for men are designed for male dimensions and anatomy. In sports they will help increase your lower body power and stamina, making them ideal for running, biking, skiing, football, soccer, and golf. For better health, this mild compression therapeutic hosiery will stimulate your blood flow and improve leg circulation. Stand or sit all day in your job? For work, leisure, and fashion, the thin, stretchy, engineered fabrics of ACTIVSKIN men’s tights, men’s pantyhose, and men’s stockings and socks will make you feel and look your best! ACTIVSKIN provides benefits you won't get from ordinary men’s socks and men’s underwear or even from conventional compression hosiery: Full leg support, climate control, energizing massage, and chafing and insect protection, for example.

That website also sells men's lingerie. . . . .

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