Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's not a school, it's a "place for learning"

A school in the UK has decided to stop calling itself a school because the word school is too negative. They're now going to call it a "place of learning."

Watercliffe Meadow, which opens Monday, also will ban whistles, bells and locked doors, said Kingdon, noting children will be encouraged to wear soft shoes indoors to feel more comfortable, The Telegraph reported Sunday.

"We wanted to de-institutionalize the place and bring the school closer to real life," she said.

Now that's an idea. I will stop calling it work, I will call it "a place for moneymaking" instead. I should ask my boss to encourage us to wear PJ's so we'll be more comfortable.


Jenni said...

What's funny is that she actually uses the word school in the quote...on top of that, look up the word school in the dictionary and you get, in a nutshell: a place for learning.

Lucy said...

School is negative? What?

Good luck with your quest for PJ's at work!