Sunday, January 4, 2009

Caffeine poisoning on the rise because of energy drinks

Teens that down too many red bulls are increasingly facing medical problems from caffeine poisoning.

Local health officials told KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City that having too much caffeine can be so serious that it requires a call to a poison-control line or a trip to the emergency room, especially for people younger than the age of 19."A typical call is a teen or college student trying to cram for an exam, and they've taken too many tablets to stay awake," said Oklahoma City Poison Control Center manager Lee McGoodwin.Before the person realizes it, he or she is vomiting and shaking. His or her head is hurting, and his or her heart is beating too fast.

The drink makers say that it's not their fault and that energy drinks are not marketed at children and the risk of serious injury is low.

While there is danger, the risk of death may be low. EnergyFiend offers a calculator that tells you how many cans of various drinks it would take to kill a person, based on body weight.According to the site, for instance, a 160-pound person would need to drink more than 130 cans of Red Bull.

That's a lot of red bull!

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Anonymous said...

I'll drink water from now on.