Friday, January 9, 2009

Worker suspended after serving a cake with perscription meds inside

A worker at a group home for disabled persons has been placed on administrative leave after a cake she baked for them was found with prescription medications inside.

Five residents of the home who ate the cake on Sunday were taken to area hospitals, but Barnish said none of them suffered any ill effects.

Barnish said the pills were an antihistamine.

State police said the employee told them that a bottle of her prescription medication spilled while she was making the cake, but she didn't realize that some of the pills fell into the batter.

Please explain to me how you don't notice that there are pills in cake batter, and why would she have medication stored in a manner that allowed them to "accidentally" fall into a cake. Shouldn't they be in a container with a lid?

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Anonymous said...

sounds like something my adhd brother would do if he was making cakes and had a prescription for random drugs.