Saturday, December 27, 2008

Woman invents kidnapped baby to get her boyfriend back

A woman in Miami told police that her baby was kidnapped. The problem. She didn't have a baby.

Miami police said McCormic had a miscarriage when she was three months pregnant. However, investigators said she pretended to carry the baby to full term in order to keep her boyfriend from breaking up with her.

On Thursday, the supposed parents of the 6-month-old, which McCormic said was named Riley Buchness, made a tearful plea to have their baby come home safely. She said she last left the baby in the care of a babysitter on Tuesday. "I don't even know if he's dead or alive, if they were in a car accident, I don't even know if they're in Florida, I don't know where they are," said McCormic with the man she called the boy's father, 26-year-old John Buchness, crying at her side.

She provided pictures of her "baby" to the police that she'd gotten off of the internet and told police that her baby had one tooth, a Mohawk and a fake tattoo. She then invented a "nanny" that had kidnapped the baby.

Wonder if she was surprised when she got arrested.

Hope the boyfriend dumped her. Perhaps she should go out with the man who attacked his girlfriend with a burger. They seem to both have morality issues.

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