Friday, December 26, 2008

Elderly woman gets 4,700 water bill

A woman in Houston has received a water bill that's 470 times higher than it normally is. 4,7o0!

Annabelle Baylous said her water bill is usually about $10, so she was shocked to see the amount on the bill she received this month, KHOU-TV, Houston, reported Thursday.

"Over $4,000!" Baylous said. "This is the worst Christmas present I could get."

KHOU said plumbers examined the home, which has only one bathroom and one occupant, and determined that there were no leaks and Baylous could not have possibly used as much water as the city claims.

"Even if she ran the water continuously, it wouldn't generate the amount of gallons she's being billed for," plumber John Cantu said.

The city reduced the bill to 1,000 which is still absurd. If the ladies usual bill is $10 then anything higher than $30 while they look into the problem is excessive.

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