Friday, December 26, 2008

McDonalds pays 1,000 people to stand in line

A McDonald's in Japan has admitted that they paid people to stand in line to get the Quarter Pounder with Cheese which was released for the first time in Japan that day.

About 15,000 people flocked to McDonald's Japan's Midosuji Suomachi store in Chuo-ku, Osaka, on Tuesday, to buy the new "Quarter Pounder with Cheese," which was released for the first time in the Kansai region. McDonald's Japan announced on Wednesday that the store has set record sales of about 10.2 million yen on the day.

On Thursday, however, it turned out that 1,000 of the customers in the long line were part-time workers that McDonald's Japan requested a marketing company supply, including the first 20 to 30 people who waited from midnight.

"We didn't ask the company to make the people line up. We didn't intentionally do it," a spokesperson for McDonald's Japan explains.

The employees were hired by a research company to stand in line, buy a burger and eat it. They also filled out a questionnaire about the service and the burger. Sort of secret shoppers.

It doesn't shock me that McDonalds hired people to stand in line. It does shock me however that 14,000 other people were so excited about a quarter pounder that they were willing to face those crowds. I could understand if it was a special burger with fancy toppings and it was free, but a quarter pounder? Not exciting.

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