Monday, December 29, 2008

Shark Activist Eaten by Shark

A shark activist in Sydney has been eaten by the animal that he tried to protect.

Luke Tubbs told how a witness ran to his house in shock and screaming for help: "He just saw a big splash and then the shark roll over in the water with the guy and then [he saw] no body or anything."

Daniel Guest, who was swimming six metres away at the Port Kennedy beach, heard his father's screams but did not see the attack. He raced to shore when he saw blood in the water. His father's shredded wetsuit was found later, and aerial searches spotted a five-metre great white shark swimming in the area.

In Sydney, some hours later, a kayaker survived a terrifying ordeal after being knocked from his craft by a great white shark. That encounter, endured by 29-year-old Steve Kulcsar, occurred less than a mile off Australia's east coast, at Long Reef, and was filmed by a fisherman in a small boat nearby. The video footage apparently showed the shark circling Kulcsar after bumping him off his kayak.

The beach has been closed because of the attacks. The victims son said that this will not keep him out of the water and he wants others to think of it as a random accident and not to be scared of the ocean.


Sheri, RN said...

LOL too ironic.

Tina said...

Creepy! Living in Florida, I am always cautious when going to the beach. This is not the way I want to go out!

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