Friday, January 2, 2009

Town overrun by porcupines

A town in Colorado's residents are facing thousands of dollars worth of damage due to a large number of porcupines.

The spiny rodents have done more than $100,000 in damage to landscaping by gnawing bark off spruce trees. They have completely stripped some 12-foot-tall yard trees. They have eaten enough bark from 50-foot-high native trees to kill them.

Porcupines also like anything salty and sweaty, so they have chomped on plywood that is treated with a sodium-based substance, as well as on tool handles, footwear and vehicle tires. They've even snacked on a few village doors.

It is not uncommon for porcupines to be around but they are extremely aggressive this year.
The town has designated open spaces for the porcupines and will educate residents on how to deal with the pesky and poky critters. Perhaps by keeping their footwear inside. No shoes and porcupines everywhere sounds like a bad mix.

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