Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zune leap year bug makes users cry

A Y2K like bug has made Zune players inoperable causing the machine to freeze. Upon finding their Zune's frozen users proceeded to freak out on the Zune message boards.

Emotions were running high on the Zune message board as some users said they were about to cry and others went so far as to say they might even die without their player. Others cut in, telling people to “CHILL OUT.”

For some, the Zune freeze made them realize just how attached they are to their player, containing music sometimes collected over years.

“My whole life’s music is on mine, over 2,000 songs, so I damn well hope they fix this,” read a posting on the Zune message board.

Your MP3 player being frozen is bad, but not bad enough to make you cry.

In case you happen to be the owner of a Zune here are the instructions on how to fix it after noon tomorrow.
  • Let the battery die.
  • Recharge it.
  • Turn the device on.
Please don't cry

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