Thursday, December 4, 2008

Duck Mansions

A hotel in Memphis has spent 200,000 building a home for ducks. Yes, Ducks. Apparently these ducks are famous. They must be to get a 200,000 home.

The picture to the left is not a picture of the hotel. It's a picture of the duck house on top of the hotel.

The 24-by-12-foot enclosure features granite floors, a large viewing window, a scaled-down replica of the hotel and a swimming fountain adorned with two bronze ducks, The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal reported Wednesday.

The picture below is a picture of the duck house on top of the hotel.

I just can't comprehend why the ducks need a 200,000 house. All the ducks that I see here are happy with a pond or a river or a park.

Spending 200,000 on a park would have benefited more than just the ducks. When asked about why they built the house the hotel gave this response.

"It was just due," Kelly Earnest, The Peabody's director of public relations, said of the reasons for building the new duck abode. "We really wanted to build something new and spectacular."

Jason Sensat, the hotel's duck chief, said the birds seem happy in their new home.

The hotel has a duck chief? Really? A duck chief? How much do you think the duck chief gets paid?


Unknown said...

Darn, that house is way bigger than mine. I wish I was a duck...

Anonymous said...

That's not the Duck Palace in your photo. The actual Duck Palace is located behind that building.