Monday, December 1, 2008


A woman in Australia found fourteen baby pythons in her bedroom!


"I hate snakes and as I walked backwards and forwards I would see another one," she said. "They were everywhere -- there was one curled around my bedhead, another around the bottom of the chair, and when I went outside there was one in the hallway, another on the railing and another on the step. It was like I was having a nightmare."

She then called a snake catcher (what a job, snake catcher) who caught seven of the snakes, then she had to call him again (doesn't seem that the snake catcher is good at his job) and he caught seven more!

The snake catcher said that he thought the snake got in her bedroom by slithering through an air conditioning vent.


Now apparently these snakes lay anywhere from 25 to 30 eggs so there could be more baby snakes to be found.


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Anonymous said...

I "EEK-ed" along with you when reading this. There are days when I'm happy to live in a country where snakes do not cohabit with people.