Monday, March 23, 2009

Man pregnant with twins

A man in Spain is pregnant with twins!

"I am six-and-a-half weeks pregnant," Ruben Noe Coronado Jimenez, initially named Estefania, told the popular magazine Pronto, saying he took treatment to restart his menstrual cycle.

In photos posted on his blog, where he also wrote about the pregnancy, Coronado has a shaved head and a beard.

He said he had retained his female status to be able to undergo fertility treatment, but would start the administrative process this month to officially change his gender to male in accordance with newly passed legislation.

As a result, Coronado said, he would give birth as a man.

A law that went into effect last year allows Spaniards suffering from "a sexual identity problem" and undergoing hormonal or endocrinal treatment to change their sexual status without undergoing surgery or a sex change.

The insemination took place at a private clinic, Coronado told the magazine, adding that if all went well he would give birth by Caesarean section in September.

Well, different strokes for different folks I guess. I wonder if he's going to breastfeed?


Jenni said...

Unless you have man-parts, you are not a man. I guess I could go farther and say if you have female parts, you are a female, since by the end of this he will, supposedly, have man parts. But, from what I read (and I haven't done much research on the matter since I'm not interested in it), they take out the female parts in a typical operation like this.

In summary, I'm not really going to be impressed with a "pregnant man" story until a man who is born with man parts gets pregnant and delivers.

Sara said...

I totally agree. The dude looks like a lady under his boxers.

Now when they figure out how to get someone who was born without a uterus pregnant I'll be impressed. This was just IVF.