Sunday, March 22, 2009

Germans celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall with dominoes

Germans will be celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall by knocking over a wall of huge dominoes.

"We want to knock over the wall once again," said Klaus Wowereit, mayor of Berlin. Assembly of more than 1,000 styrofoam slabs, each 2.5 meters (eight feet) high and one meter (three feet) wide, is beginning this week.

At a ceremony on November 9, the day in 1989 on which crowds of east Germans swept through the wall and began tearing it down, the slabs will be pushed over.

The "dominoes" will be decorated by young people from Berlin and abroad in a myriad different styles.

"I was given the opportunity to paint a map on this domino, which is great fun," said Mathieu Chergait, an exchange student from France as he worked on the slab with two Korean students.

Another is decorated with a design portraying a multicolored brick wall being opened with a giant zipper to represent the ripping down of the barrier that divided the city for three decades.

How neat is that. I hope we get pictures.

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