Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Colorado homes have flammable water!

Several homeowners in Colorado are concerned after finding that their drinking water is flammable because of gas in their well.

Hudson resident Renee McClure said she is in fear of her home's water supply since her son showed her he could ignite their kitchen tap water using only a cigarette lighter, KMGH-TV, Denver, reported Tuesday.

"We were shocked," McClure said of the recent occurrence. "My horses and animals drink it. My kids drink it. I want to know if it's safe."

Noble Energy (NYSE:NBL) official Stephen Flaherty said the flammable water appears to be the result of methane gas found in an area well. He added the methane gas level in the water at one of the three afflicted homes, according to tests, was not naturally occurring.

The three reported cases of flammable water in Hudson have at least one environmental group crying foul.

"This isn't an isolated incident, by any means," Environment Colorado member Gavin Clark told KMGH. "Our reports tell us there are about two dozen, if not more, similar incidents of oil and gas drilling not only affecting people's drinking water but health in general."

Now that's terrifying. The kid was lighting the water with a lighter? I can't imagine it's healthy.

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BIBI said...

OMG! How tragic! Imagine getting a cup of that and igniting when you stood next to a heater?!?
What are the authorities doing about it?