Saturday, June 6, 2009

Teens build swingset on top of high school

Six high school seniors in Wisconsin built a swing set on top of their high school.

The "swing set six" were originally told they couldn't go to graduation. But on the eve of that ceremony, there was a last minute decision by the school's principal. The six Brookfield East seniors will be at graduation.

Student Zachary Domack is relieved. "He has been very gracious enough to let us walk across the stage and actually attend the ceremony." Something the principal announced Friday afternoon.

The teens were originally banned from that ceremony after building a swing set on the roof of their school. The guys admit it was a senior prank but point out it wasn't destructive. They also meant it as a "thank you" for the principal and teachers for a great four years.

They even left a note and snacks for the staff. Nate Hoaglund said, "We're definitely not thinking we should just be let off the hook or anything. We know that we should be punished."

A construction worker spotted the teens on the roof and called police. All six were slapped with $300 tickets for "prowling." They also served a one-day suspension.

I'm glad that their principal used some common sense when giving them their punishment. They can't encourage pranks, but there is no reason to ruin the kids lives like other principals have done. A $300 fine (which hopefully their parents will make the kids work to pay) and a one day suspension sounds perfect.

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