Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Airline refuses to allow teddy bear on flight

A girl flying out of Scotland was told that her teddy bear (pictured on the left) was too big to fly on the plane with her.

Amparo Peris-Bordes, 38, said she was told by the easyJet check-in clerk at the Glasgow, Scotland, airport that she would have to pay $14 to have the bear belonging to her daughter, Alba, stored with the checked luggage, The Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Peris-Bordes said she decided to mail the bear back to her Willingham, England, home after a heated discussion with the female clerk.

"I was totally stunned when they said Alba couldn't have the bear in the cabin with her," she said. "I was carrying a big waterproof coat that was much bigger than the teddy and was allowed to take that on -- it was just a complete lack of common sense."

A spokesman for the airline said the company is offering to pay Peris-Bordes' postage costs.

"We have a strict baggage allowance on all our flights and this bear was not a small bear -- it could not fit into their hand baggage," he said. "However we do see that a common sense approach should have been taken and so this time we are offering to reimburse the parent concerned for postage."

The bear was not that big. At least the girl was six, can you imagine if they did that to a two year old, it would have scarred them for life.

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