Friday, April 17, 2009

Woman shot in head then makes tea

A Mississippi woman made herself tea after being shot in the head on Tuesday.

"There's no way she should be alive," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said. "The bullet completely passed straight through her brain. It entered at the middle of her forehead and exited from the back of her head. She should be dead. It's one of the most unreal, bizarre things I've ever seen."

Byrd said a young relative was in the home when the shootings occurred and ran to a neighbor for help.

"When deputies got there, they thought they were responding to a murder-suicide," Byrd said. "But, she was up walking around and talking."

Sheriff's Sgt. Leon Rushing said Tammy Sexton told detectives she had "just made some tea and was fine."

Rushing said she appeared slightly disoriented but was alert and responsive to questions.

"She had a cup of tea on her nightstand," Rushing said. "That was evidence that she had gone to the microwave and made tea. I'm sure she made it after she was shot."

I don't think I could make myself tea recently after stubbing my toe, muchless getting shot in the head.

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Luna said...

That's amazing.

Who shot her??? Why didn't she go to the ER?

>:o Thanks a bunch! I just forgot that I ran out of tea!

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