Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scientist gets hot, swims with lion

A zoologist in South Africa enjoys swimming and sleeping with wild (and dangerous) animals.

With his unusual methods, he has developed some exceptionally personal bonds with his students, playing, sleeping and even swimming with animals. Taking a well deserved swim in the Crocodile River, just south of the Magaliesburg mountains, Mr Richardson, 34, was joined by Meg the lioness.

Weighing a staggering 185 kg this boisterous tawny lioness playfully splashed around with the experienced behaviourist.

"We went swimming purely for Meg's enrichment," Mr Richardson said.

"That's one of the reasons I believe my animals are so relaxed.

"Those who like it go for swims, others go for walks in the greater area and others just prefer to go and chill under a tree in the middle of the park."

Someday his family is going to be shocked and suprised when one of those lions eats him for dinner.


Unknown said...

that lion is huge! He reminds me of Mufasa. I wouldn't be anyone near him..

Unknown said...

oops anywhere :)