Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Fransisco bars overrun with snuggies

Over two hundred people showed up for a San Fransisco pub crawl wearing snuggies, blankets with arms.

Keith Charles F., 25 (he said he preferred to not give his last name to the newspaper), and Patricia Prislin, 24, said they met on social networking Web site Yelp and started talking about a recent Snuggie pub crawl in Chicago and the possibility of starting a Snuggie event closer to home, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

The pair said they didn't just ask people to show up in their Snuggies, they offered costume competitions for best male, best female, best group, best couple and sluttiest Snuggie.

"We kept moving the date back because people were not going to get their Snuggies in time," Keith Charles said to the newspaper before the event. "Don't tell anyone but I got a red one off of eBay."

I bed everyone was warm and comfortable, yet able to easily move their arms.


Anonymous said...

I want a snuggie :-(

Sara said...

They do look comfortable