Friday, February 13, 2009

Worlds Longest Fingernails Broken

A Salt Lake City Woman who had the worlds longest fingernails broke them in a car crash.

Redmond had serious injuries after being ejected from her SUV but they were not life threatening.

Each fingernail measured approximately 30 inches long and hadn’t been cut since 1979. The longest nail was her right thumb at 2 feet 11 inches.
Despite the insane length of her nails, she insists it doesn’t prevent her from carrying out every day tasks such as vacuming, driving and cleaning.

Redmond also cares for her husband who has suffered from Alzheimer’s for the past six years.

She was once offered $100,000 to cut her nails but never nailed down a time to to so.

She is currently hospitalized and listed in serious condition.

Wow, those are some fingernails. I can't imagine it's easy to wash your hair with nails like that. They kind of look like something crazy from a comic book.

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