Saturday, February 21, 2009

99 year old man drives 90 miles to work a day

A 99 year old Illinois man commutes 90 miles to work daily to keep himself busy.

A plant watchman and "jack-of-all-trades" at A-Z Industries Inc., of Northbrook, Ill., Fabian commutes to the job in his Buick LeSabre every day from his home in Niles, Ill., despite getting ready to celebrate his 100th birthday next month, The Chicago Tribune reported Saturday.

A bachelor, Fabian says he "just needs to keep busy" at his age and is mainly motivated because of his loyalty to A-Z Industries' owners, the Anixter family.

"Loyalty is No. 1" in what makes for a successful worker, Fabian said, adding, "I think I'm married to the Anixter family."

Wow, I hope that they test him annually for his drivers license.

I guess he didn't like retirement.

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