Thursday, December 18, 2008

Too many birds!

A man in Berlin had 1500 parakeets in his small apartment.

Berlin officials cleared about 1,500 budgies and parakeets on Tuesday evening from a two-room apartment occupied by a retired man in the Spandau district of Berlin, according to city veterinarian Margit Platzer, who said it took more than seven hours to catch all the birds.

He had been collecting the animals for ten years and let them fly freely around his apartment perching on rods that he'd installed. The birds went to the bathroom on the floor of his apartment and there were inches of the stuff on the floor when it was found.

"Unfortunately this isn't an isolated situation," said Wolfgang Apel, head of Berlin's animal protection services. "The number of so-called animal hoarders has risen drastically." Around 160 other pets have been recovered from similar conditions around Berlin in the past week, ranging from cats and dogs to monkeys and goats.

Eew! Can you imagine the smell, and the drips. People, you don't live in a zoo, so don't keep that many pets.

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