Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Man robs bank using note written on his pay stub

A bank robber in Chicago was easily caught by police after leaving behind the paystub that he used to write a threatening note.

Federal investigators allege Thomas Infante, 40, entered the Fifth Third Bank branch shortly before 6 p.m. Friday and handed a female teller a note threatening to open fire if she did not give him cash, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

The robber fled with $400 but without the note, which investigators said was written on the back of a pay stub that bore Infante's name and address.

I would like to thank the bank robber for saving tax payer dollars by making it easy for the FBI to locate him. It should be easy to prosacute him.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea for your blog as I enjoy reading obscure news.

This theif must have learned to rob a bank by watching Sponge Bob. lol.