Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Judge orders dads to watch the Maury show

A Detroit judge has ordered his deadbeat dads to watch the Maury Povich show to show them how absurd deadbeat dads look.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree, who is scheduled to appear on Thursday's episode of "Maury," said he got the idea to force delinquent dads to watch the show, which frequently features paternity issues, after watching a few episodes, the Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday.

McCree said the men are ordered to watch the syndicated talk show at least once a month and discuss it with their probation officers.

"Some of these men in my court watch the show and see how ridiculous some of the deadbeats look, and then they realize it's them," McCree said.

Povich said he was impressed by McCree's creative sentencing.

"That is being very creative, and sometimes you have to be creative when you have a lot of social issues," Povich said Tuesday. "I'm going to be very interested to find out how this plays out."

Very strange, but if it gets the guys to pay child support (or start using a condom) then I'm all for it.

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