Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chefs in Mexico make the worlds biggest cheesecake

Chefs in Mexico spent hours making the worlds largest strawberry cheesecake.

Chef Miguel Angel Quezada says 55 cooks spent 60 hours making the world's biggest cheesecake — a 2-ton calorie bomb topped with strawberries.

The monster cake used nearly a ton of cream cheese, the same amount of yogurt, 350 kilograms (772 pounds) of pastry, 250 kilograms (551 pounds) of sugar and 150 kilograms (331 pounds) of butter.

However, this is the only cheesecake that has competed to be the world's largest. Expect their record to be topped soon.

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BIBI said...

YUMMY! :) Can you imagine the size of the piece you'll get?!?